Everyone has a VW story.  Well, the better part of my life is my VW story.  Here’s the somewhat condensed version…

It all started when I picked up the Aug ‘88 copy of “Hot VW’s and Dune Buggies” and “VW Trends”.  I was hooked at the age of 16!  I guess it was somewhat genetic as Dad had several Bugs, Buses and buggies through out the 60’s and 70’s.  At the time I didn’t care much for Beetles, everyone had one.  I wanted a Karmann Ghia.  I saved up my hard earned cash and we ended up finding a ‘65 Ghia for $1450.  The owner knocked off $50 due to a faulty solenoid that just turned out to be a loose connection.  The Ghia turned out to be a POS and needed a ton of work.  Well, Dad and I (mostly Dad) took on the project and eventually got it finished in ‘96.  I owe my Dad the world for doing all the bodywork and getting it looking proper!


While the Ghia was on the back burner and I was in College I beat around a ‘74 Standard Beetle that I had bought for $350.  It was a rusty POS, but it got the job done.  Plus, I learned a lot about VW’s from that old Bug.  After graduation in ‘96 it got sent to the scrap yard, just too far gone by then.

After college I went through a water cooled phase for a few years.  Not much worth mentioning, owned a few GTI’s, a Sirocco and a Fox.

In the late 90’s I got a desire for a Bus, never really thought much about them before.  There was no way in Hell I could afford a Splitty at the time, so I set my sites for a Bay Westy. Ended up finding one out in Allentown, PA.  I drove that thing daily for the next six years.  Drove out to Wyoming with my brother in ‘00.  Learned a lot about the Type IV engine and dual carbs.  Enough to know that I never want another Type IV engine, lol.


In ‘02 I finally got me a Split.  A ‘60 Single Cab I bought out of the Canton, Ohio area for $1400.  This is where I gained the knowledge needed to lower Buses and thus began the “WideFive” of today.

I drag raced the Ghia for a while, built a nice little 2276 for the street/track.  During that build and countless others I sucked as much knowledge from the brain of Tom Simpson as I could handle.  Than guy knows how to put together an engine combo that works every time!  I learned a ton of real world info from all my DdK brothers.  Guys like Rich Sedoris and Jack Spencer, really helped me through in the early days when money was tight and I didn’t know anything other than I wanted to haul ass in an air cooled VW.

Still have the Ghia, but my main VW for now is a ‘62 Double Door Panel.  Been driving the balls off it… Charlotte Transporter Show (1200+ mile round trip) and down to Bulli Brigade (2400+ mile round trip) in Florida back in 2011 and 2013.  Hope to find the time to do the body work and hit it with some Wide Five logos here real soon.


Picked up a ‘60 Mango a few years ago.  After having Josh at Rust Haven to the body and paint blending, got it on the road a week before the Charlotte Transporter Show 2014 and made the 1231 mile round trip without any issues, well other than feeling like it was going to tip over through the mountains of West Virginia and not being able to go the speed limit.


No!  It will not be staying stock height.  I had to borrow a transaxle from a buddy to get it on the road in time in the quickest way possible.  It will be getting a 3.5″ drop this Winter.

Picked up this ‘64 Mouse Grey 11 window last Fall.  It’s rusty junk, plan for now is to lift this one with a trans drop and weld up some raised spindles.  Hell, anything but stock and I’ll be happy.


There have been countless other VW’s in and out of my life, but more importantly many good friends made along the way.