Core Exchange Program

Once you have received and installed your new spindles, it’s now time to send your old cores back to me for a refund of your core charge.

Please package the spindles accordingly… tape up the spindle nut threads and package them well.  Throw a little note in the box to let me know these are your returned cores.  If you think about it, send me an email to let me know they are on the way.

Ship to:

Wide Five, LLC
Aaron Badertscher
9620 Crows Nest Lane
Litchfield, OH 44253

Once I receive your core spindles I will refund your core charge in the same manner as you made payment….  Payed via PayPal, then I PayPal you the refund… by money order, then you’ll get the refund as a money order.

Please keep in mind that the spindles I sent you were in good working order.  The spindles I receive from you should reflect the same usability.  For example… if the spindle nut threads are stripped beyond repair, don’t expect to get a full refund…  If the wheel bearing surface on the spindle shaft is all boogered up, don’t expect a full refund… If the link pin races are missing, cracked, heavily pitted, don’t expect a full refund.

I’m pretty lenient on damaged cores, but if I can’t repair the damage then it costs me money to fix your cores so that the next guy can use them.  I can’t continue to offer this core exchange program if the cores I receive aren’t usable.

Damaged core examples…