**At this time I do not make Type I beams or mess with anything remotely having to do with ball joints or IRS**

2.5″ DRUM or DISC Type I Dropped King/Link Pin Spindles

**Not currently available**

$$$$ SHIPPED in USA (Includes $$$$ core charge)



Send me your spindles and I will install new dropped spindles, new king pins and link pin kit,
new thrust washer, media blast, new grease fittings, etc… for $300 Shipped in the USA.

-Media blasted
-NEW steel thrust washer
-NEW king pin kit installed
-NEW link pin kit installed
-NEW grease fittings
-Reverse tapered for Late tie rod ends (Upon request)
-Let me know your trailing arm off-set and I will set up the shims for you! They will be ready to bolt on, right out of the box!

These spindles are for your ‘65 and earlier Type I Bug/Ghia (NOT BUS).

These will NOT fit your Super Beetle!

International shipping available!

All ready have dropped spindles, king/link parts and need them installed in your carriers?

I charge a flat rate of $150 LABOR to install links and kings in your spindles.
This includes media blasting, new thrust washer, grease fittings and reverse tapering if you want.

King/Link part kits to be provided by customer.


Extended Spring Plates

$90 SHIPPED in USA w/ cores



Extended spring plates for your ‘68 and older Type I.  These allow you to maintain proper Toe Alignment when going low.  Improper toe-in is what eats tires and gives you poor handling.  Camber often gets blamed for this but it’s simply not the case.

Send me your spring plates and I do the following…

- Media blast.
- Properly weld extensions to spring plate.
- Notch for torsion housing clearance.
- Paint gloss Black.
- Ship back via FedEx and email you tracking info.

Available outright for $140shipped (Includes $50 core charge).  Send me back your good usable cores and I promptly refund the $50.

When purchasing outright I need to know the year of your Type I.  Early and Late spring plates are different.

Availability depends on what cores I have in the shop at any given time.

Turnaround time usually 1-3 days.